Super Secrets of Mentalism Lecture by Anton James

Anton James is ready to share with you his SUPER SECRETS of MENTALISM! His versatile, ready for anything approach, has helped him navigate over 15 years of real world performance. This is a opportunity to learn mentalism that you can and will use.

Get ready to learn...

  • Anton's favorite personal material for close up and stand up mentalism including new handlings for his releases such as MSP, The Ultimate Networking Tool and ProBoard.
  • How to play to large audiences but pack your show in a small space.
  • The secret to standing out as a magician or mentalist and making your show more magical, memorable and you!
  • How to make any routine instantly more effective with Anton’s Golden Rule to Live Performance.
  • How to take an act from concept to performing for hundreds of thousands of people in 6 MONTHS!

Get ready to learn this and more at the SUPER SECRETS of MENTALISM lecture!

You will also get a sneak peek behind the curtain of The Magic Estate, the company Anton and Jeff Kaylor founded in an effort to produce the greatest magic resources and innovative products with the top artists in the world. Anton has been fortunate to collaborate with some of the biggest names in magic and will bring what he has learned directly to you!

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