3 Ropes and a 1000 Laughs


3 Ropes and a 1000 Laughs


3 ROPES AND A 1000 LAUGHS is Cody Fisher’s professional comedy rope routine. It's a 5-10 minute rope routine that is full of comedy, high on audience participation, fits in your pockets and can play to thousands!

Not only will Cody share every detail of his routine with you he will also share his valuable advice on how to create more comedy with your magic and how to play your comedy to different audiences. From start to finish this routine guarantees there won’t be a dry seat it the house! 3 ROPES AND A 1000 LAUGHS is the FUNNIEST rope routine on the planet!

• Packs small plays huge!
• Highly visual rope magic!
• 5 -10 minute multiphase routine!
• Hysterical audience interaction!
• Includes the original PDF instructions and script!

*Provide your own ropes.

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